Memphis International Airport (MEM) offers a variety of convenient and affordable parking options in two covered facilities.

All of our parking areas are well lit, and there’s even free vehicle assistance for car trouble (we jump started more than 1,000 vehicles last year and helped more than 1,500 travelers find their cars).

Learn about Economy, Long Term, Short Term and handicap accessible parking, as well as how to pay and other vehicle services offered.

Economy Parking

Economy parking is available in the Ground Transportation Center for just $6 per day.

  • First 30 Minutes Free
  • 31 minutes - 90 minutes $1
  • 91 minutes - 24 hours $6
  • Each 24-hour interval $6

Levels 3-7 of the Ground Transportation Center have approximately 900 spaces each. Level 5 offers 10 charging stations for electric vehicles, including two handicap-accessible spaces. Find these charging stations next to the elevators on level 5.

Economy parkers can reach the terminal easily by using the Ground Transportation Center’s pedestrian walkway with moving sidewalks, beautiful landscaping and Memphis music playing from the speakers above. Take the elevators to level 1 to access the pedestrian walkway. The walkway takes you straight to Terminal B, where you will go one level up for baggage claim or two levels up for ticketing and security.

Long-Term Parking

Long-Term Parking is a good value at $11/day and is closer to the terminal than Economy Parking. However, fewer spaces are available here than in Economy Parking. 

Extended Parking: Travelers who need more than 30 days of parking are asked to call the parking office at 901-922-8065, Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Without advanced notification about extended parking needs, your vehicle may be towed at your expense after 30 days.

  • First 30 minutesFree
  • 31 to 60 minutes$2
  • Each additional 30 minutes$1
  • 24-hour maximum fee$11

Short-Term Parking

The airport has short-term spaces on the ground level of the three-story parking facility directly across from all three terminals. To access the parking garage, stay in the left lane when approaching the airport and follow signs to short-term parking.

Short-Term Pricing
  • First 30 minutesFREE
  • 31 to 60 minutes$2.00
  • Each additional 30 min$1.00
  • 24-hour maximum$21.00

Handicap Accessible Parking

Accessible spaces are available in all parking areas, near the elevators and walkways.

Vehicles parked in accessible spaces must display an appropriately designated license plate or hang tag in their rearview mirror.

How to Pay

You may pay with cash, debit or any major credit card. For your convenience we offer Credit Card Express, which allows for ticketless transactions. Simply insert your credit card at the entrance and use the same credit card when exiting.

Lost your parking receipt? Need a copy? No problem – just call the parking office at 901-922-8065, Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cell Phone Lot

MEM has a free waiting area less than a minute’s drive from the terminal. Safely and conveniently wait for the "I’m ready for pick up" call, and greet your passenger curbside on the pick-up driveway.

The cell phone lot has been updated with flight information displays with arrival times, improved lighting and landscaping.

Dropping Off & Picking Up

Passengers may be dropped off at the Ticketing (upper) level or Baggage (ground) level of the terminal. Once on the airport grounds, just follow the signs to the terminal and take the right lanes to the upper level or stay in the center lanes for the ground level.

Remember: Whether picking up or dropping off, try to be as efficient as possible. It’s not just for security purposes – it’s courteous to your fellow travelers. If your party has extra luggage, or you just want to spend extra time inside the terminal, please park in short-term parking – there are usually spaces near the terminal and the first 30 minutes are free.

Assistance and Services

Need a jump? Can’t remember where you parked? MEM has you covered with free 24-hour customer assistance. Services offered include battery starts, tire inflation, lost car location and security escorts. Just call 901-922-8065.

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