MEM, Memphis Grizzlies and Tony Allen

MEM, Memphis Grizzlies and Tony Allen

Tony Allen #9 Take Off With Us.More than most cities, Memphis creates comeback stories every day. What’s Memphis, if not resilient. 

Memphis International is the next comeback.

We have a long road ahead in the pursuit of more frequent and affordable air service. You’ll see the changes right before your eyes as we take this journey.

Be on the look out for Tony Allen, #9 of the Memphis Grizzlies. If ever there was alignment in spirit and determination, it’s alive in MEM’s partnership with Tony and the Grizzlies.

To say the least, these partners know a thing or two about the tenacity it takes to bring home a win and build a world-class organization. 

Tony will be sharing the story of the airport’s transformation every step of the way. In fact, he’s already begun to spread the good news of more flights, lower airfares and an airport modernization plan that will make you proud of MEM! 

Look for Tony in ads and social media around the city, as well as a series of unforgettable videos that only Tony could deliver. And, get ready for some MEM fun at FedExForum during the NBA season.  

This grit and grind is for you, Memphis. Take off with us!

First Team MEM!

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